5 Keys to Finding the Best Forex Charting Software Program

Forex. Selling currency, having a ‘stock’ in an entire nation. This is a high roller’s territory, or so it would appear. With the rise of the internet and computer efficiency, now a simple office computer can hold a very lucrative asset such as a high end, compellingly successful computer program such as a Forex charting software program. Because selling Forex software is such a competitive business it creates so many over-hyped, ‘top of the line’ software programs that want you to pay ten easy payments of $99.99. So in order to come out on top and actually get your moneys worth, you need to hold yourself to a list of key elements that must be present in a Forex charting software program.


So, what is it that is an absolute necessity for a forex software program to have?

  1. Intra-day pivot points. This is definitely a must in any program involving Forex. You need to have stable data that you can base the rest of your research off of. This allows you to chart out and plan your next move to increase your “pip” or percentage in points.
  2. Accurate and up to date charting capabilities. You need the newest edition of software. Since Forex is changing every day, with new current trends and newly forming market increases, you need the most current software abilities so you will not be left in the dust.
  3. 24 hour tech support. In case some form on your computer goes awry, you need to be able to talk to someone, and that someone needs to be a live person that can respond to your unique questions!
  4. Automatically backed up info. Another capability software needs in case of an emergency is the ability to back up its own data files. You need this because I am sure you would rather be safe than be kicking yourself after you lost your money.
  5.  Presents data in an orderly, simplified manner. Efficiency is the name of the Forex game, and being able to make quick, calculated decisions in a timely manner is a must when operating on Forex.

These are just some personal preferences of mine that I’ll hold to when trying a new software or when I am looking to accompany my current software to compare data. By simply following these golden rules, you will be even closer to cashing in after all your hard work.

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